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This simply works as a guide and helps you to connect with dentists of your choice. Please confirm the doctor’s availability before leaving your premises.


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News Feeds (com_newsfeeds) provides a way to organize and present news feeds. News feeds are a way that you present information from another site on your site. For example, the website has numerous feeds that you can incorporate on your site. You an use menus to present a single feed, a list of feeds in a category, or a list of all feed categories. Help

حول الدکتور. علي نقره کار

الدکتور. علي نقره کار ، تخصص زمالة الألم ، جامعة إيران للعلوم الطبية ، المجلس التخصصي لأطباء التخدير والعناية المركزة ، جامعة طهران للعلوم الطبية

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